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A personal trainer showing a client an app on an iPad tablet.
A personal trainer showing a client an app on an iPad tablet.

ViPR Training for Personal Trainers

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ViPR training is currently taking the fitness  industry by storm, and a wide range of Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers are now using this system to enhance their client’s health and fitness profile.

Representing Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning, this new approach to ‘functional training’ provides participants with a varied yet effective way to develop muscular strength and power in a functional capacity. Furthermore, Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors trained to use this system will have another tool at their disposal to promote participation in exercise and fitness training.

ViPR is an extremely durable piece of kit which allows you to drag it, throw it, step on it, lift it, or use it to perform almost any movement that you can think of.  ViPR has evolved from traditional free-weight training and employs whole body ‘integrated’ exercises and movements to develop usable and transferable motor programmes, which support daily and sporting activities.

Because of the high intensity nature of ViPR training and its whole body approach, ViPR is also a great system for busting those calories!

According to Michol Dalcourt, the creator of ViPR: “This system was created from a need to evolve training tools, foster purposeful motion and blend strength training with functional training and movement.

“Movement is fundamental and what makes up effective movement is a blend of lifting, shifting and twisting.”

ViPR have also produced a YouTube video on ViPR Training for Personal Trainers, which explains how the device can be used effectively for PTs looking to enhance their sessions.

Day to day activities are rarely performed in a single plane of movement, yet most gym-based exercises, especially resistance machines, encourage such movements. Traditional gym workouts also split muscles into groups according to their pushing or pulling action, and challenge them in isolation within a workout or over a number of workouts.

With ViPR training however, muscle groups are not worked in isolation. Instead, they are integrated to create, develop and enhance ‘whole body’ functional movements that actually reflect daily and sporting movements.

Research supporting ViPR claims that no muscle works on its own, regardless of how hard one tries to isolate it. By embracing this concept, training is able to become more functional, transferable and relevant to activities of daily living and the demands of competitive sport.

Whole body integration is the key with ViPR, and this system is widely believed to help reduce the incidence of injuries, assist with weight management, increase daily and sporting performing and above all, provide an effective exercise modality that any age and gender can enjoy. This means ViPR could even be useful for those working with older adults or other exercise specialist disciplines, further demonstrating it’s versatilitry.

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