Exercise for Pre and Postnatal Clients

The Level 3 Award in Exercise instruction for Pre and Postnatal clients is designed specifically for fitness instructors, group exercise instructors and personal trainer that want to work with women who are pregnant, or who have recently given birth. The mock assessment below is provided as a FREE taster resource for anyone considering this qualification, and will give you an indication of the type of content contained within the course.

The traditional advice given to a woman when she became pregnant was to ‘put your feet up and take things easy’. Although sufficient rest is still important during pregnancy, women are now increasingly encouraged to stay active throughout their term, especially if they were physically active before they became pregnant. This shift in approach is the result of both the anecdotal evidence from many active women, who have exercised safely throughout their pregnancy, and a growing body of scientific research which indicates that an appropriate programme of exercise is not only safe during pregnancy, but can also provide a considerable number of health benefits to both the mother and her unborn child.

Exercise professionals working with pre and postnatal clients must have a sound understanding of the physiological changes that take place as a result of being pregnant and giving birth. It is equally important that they also have an understanding of the medical conditions that commonly present during pregnancy, so that they can adapt a client’s exercise prescription to accommodate their needs safely and effectively.

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