Level 3 Yoga Teacher Diploma Sample Manual

HFE yoga students performing Child's Pose
HFE yoga students performing Child's Pose

Derived from the Sanskirt word ‘yuj’, which means to merge, join or unite, yoga is a specialised discipline that focuses on the art of knowing oneself. It also involves understanding the rhythm of the mind and developing the ability to look upon all aspects of one’s life evenly. Popular perception may be that yoga is simply about ‘Oms’, exercises, and postures, but in reality, the components of effective yoga teaching and practice run much deeper.

Our Level 3 Diploma covers a variety of topics including anatomy and physiology; the philosophy and fundamentals of yoga; and all the necessary information you’ll need to ultimately plan and deliver sessions of your own. The course itself is comprised of 6-8 weeks home-study and a six-day intensive practical training programme.

To gain a further understanding as to what this course entails, we’ve prepared a small sample of our full-colour training manual below. Inside you’ll discover information about the Seven Chakras; an introduction to the history and philosophy of yoga, step by step exercise diagrams; and an example lesson plan. This is by no means the full picture, but it should go some way to affirming HFE is the best and most comprehensive provider of the Level 3 Diploma in Yoga and online yoga teacher training in the industry.

Level 3 Yoga Teacher Diploma Sample Manual

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