Becoming a Personal Trainer

If you love health, fitness, and helping people, then becoming a personal trainer may be the right the right career for you. With endless possibilities, personal trainers can work in-house for a health club or be self-employed and specialize in a wide variety of areas such as training athletes, celebrities, or clients with chronic illnesses. Because of all the opportunities that come with being a personal trainer, it is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing career trends.

Do you have what it takes to become a great personal trainer? Personal trainers have a wide variety of qualities and skills including great people skills, a superior organisational ability, an analytical frame of mind and above all a positive attitude towards work. You must be enthusiastic and motivational as well as having a genuine interest in people.

In order to succeed as a Personal Trainer, it is necessary to choose a niche market to work within – this will give you a clear advantage over the rest of the competition. Once qualified, if you specialise in a particular area (athletes, obesity and weight loss, chronic illness etc), you will be able to really separate yourself from the crowd. With more knowledge and expertise, you will also be able to charge more for your services and make a lasting difference to the lives of your clients.

Choose where you want to work carefully and above all else, whom you want to work with. One of the more alluring aspects of personal training is you have the ability to work for an employer or start your own business. There are pros and cons to both; however, setting up your own business provides more flexibility, room for growth and the ability to make more money.

If you decide self-employment as a personal trainer is the route you want to take, effectively marketing yourself is a key consideration. Don’t overlook this aspect of your business and assume people will come to you for your services. You need to target your clients and present yourself to them in the most positive way you know how. It has never been so cheap to set up a website and order professional looking business stationary online- invest in this early on as you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Don’t get duped into buying custom made websites unless you need them- buy website templates and tweak these to create the look and feel you want. Web designers are expensive and often personal trainers end up spending a great deal of money for sites that don’t look or perform that well.

Alternative personal trainer career paths are also available – If you become a personal trainer, you don’t just have to work in a health club, gym or for yourself. In fact, you can work in a variety of areas from corporate fitness centres, cruise ships, holiday resorts, and spas. Other opportunities outside of personal training available to personal trainers- these include fitness consulting, fitness writing for a magazine or online publications, athletic coaching, group fitness instruction or starting your own gym or spa can be just as rewarding and lucrative.

Before you decide which training provider you will privilege with your business, make sure you get all of the facts. No two personal training courses are the same and so it is necessary to determine the best one to fit your needs, career goals, aspirations and above all budget. Do you want to attend a directly delivered course or work from home with a blended or distance learning course? Whichever route you decide, be sure to check out their re-assessment and support policy as many students end up paying considerably more than they should for their personal trainer course.

If you have any questions about any of our Personal Trainer Courses, feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our advisors.

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