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Josh Douglas-Walton

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Working in fitness can offer a huge range of opportunities, especially as the industry continues to grow. If you enjoy working with people and staying fit, it is worth considering a career as a fitness instructor. Specialisations are diverse and fruitful thanks to technological advancements and a huge rise in different kinds of fitness classes. There are now career options to suit most individual interests.

The fitness sector is also particularly flexible when it comes to training, development and employment. As an industry, it is important for fitness professionals to be continually learning and improving their knowledge and skills. This is why the emphasis on flexibility makes it easy for all kinds of people to start their training.

In terms of development, there are countless courses that can further maximise career opportunities. One example of this is the Diploma in Exercise Referral which allows qualified instructors to not only teach people who are considered medically healthy, but also those with specific health issues:

“The gyms and exercise classes are bursting with people trying to lose weight. The majority of them have a BMI over 30, and so are classified according to NICE guidelines as Obese—the Exercise Referral qualification permits you to train this population in general, or if referred to you by a GP.  The qualification also covers other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and many others.” – George Choy, Personal Trainer at Gymnacity Fitness.

Fitness facilities have also seen a huge boom in popularity as more and more people are looking to improve their lifestyles. From 2013 to 2014, fitness facilities have grown from 6,112 to 6,312, while personal trainers are also reporting a rise in client enquiries.

This infographic looks at some key statistics around salary, training, funding and development within the fitness industry, alongside some insight into the most popular occupational roles and places of work:

Health and fitness industry review infographic by HFE

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