The following Level 3 Older Adult mock exam is provided for those students working towards, or considering taking, the Level 3 Award for Exercise with Independent Older Adults. The assessment will also be relevant for those students undertaking, or thinking about, the HFE Level 3 Special Populations Diploma.

Older adults are not the same as their younger counterparts and so exercise often needs adapting so that it continues to meet their specific needs. The following assessment therefore covers a range of knowledge and understanding that will be necessary to pass the exam pertaining to the above qualification. This knowledge will also be imperative for those exercise instructors working with older clients so that they can continue to work both safely and effectively.

Like the qualification, this assessment covers a wide-range of subjects relating to exercise with an older population. Common areas assessed by this exam include:

  • The ageing process
  • Theories of ageing
  • Benefits of exercise for older adults
  • Exercise recommendations for older adults
  • Pathologies associated with ageing
  • Functional assessments for older adults

Whether you are taking your training with HFE, or another provider, the mock assessment below is completely FREE.

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