Apprenticeships Case Study: Wrightington

HFE Tutor with student
Tutor with student

Our apprenticeship partners are an incredibly varied group, with each offering something a little bit different. Whether it’s a martial arts studio, a gym just for women, or a traditional leisure centre, the apprentices that we’ve supplied have proved they can instantly become a valued member of the workforce. Age or experience level simply haven’t been an issue, they’ve just hit the ground running and not looked back.

Our latest apprenticeship success story comes from Lauren Thompson who’s based at Wrightington Hotel and Country Club in Greater Manchester. This incredibly talented 17 year old has already completed her Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification and set her sights on the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. She kindly took a few minutes out of her busy day to give a quick interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became an apprentice…

I left school having achieved all the grades I needed to attend the college of my choice and study the course I thought was for me. However, coming up to the end of my first year I started to look on the internet for jobs and apprenticeships. I’d finally realised college wasn’t for me and I was losing all interest. That’s when I came across the Level 2 apprenticeship with HFE. I applied and got an interview which I passed, I was then asked to start on the following Monday.

I have always enjoyed sports, whether it was playing, teaching, or being part of a team. I never thought until now I could have a career in this industry.

Where are you currently working and what does your job entail? What are you most looking to?

I am currently working at Wrightington Hotel and Country Club and alongside that I’ve been studying for the Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification . My day-to-day work involves helping clients around the gym and showing them how to use the equipment, whilst maintaining a clean environment. I also take part in completing health and safety checks each hour, and first aid training once a month. What I find interesting about being an apprentice is that you learn something different every day! I mainly enjoy talking to all the clients and meeting many new people. I’m really looking forward to completing some one-to-one sessions with my own clients and running my own classes.

Sounds like you’ve been kept very busy. What about the course itself, what kind of things have you learned?

On the course, I have learned a lot about the body and how it works, whilst understanding how to help customers and write exercise programmes. I started in April and by early July I had already attended and passed my exams to achieve my Level 2. I went on two weekend courses where tutors from HFE helped me study and pass both my practical and theory exams. I am now able to write exercise plans for members and give inductions around the gym. I think the most interesting thing I’ve learnt is the anatomy and physiology! With this useful knowledge, I can now tell people in the gym what exercises they need to do to work on certain parts of the body and certain muscles.

And finally, what do you plan to do after you’ve completed your apprenticeship?

After my apprenticeship finishes, I see myself continuing onto my Level 3 and becoming a personal trainer, whilst starting to run classes. I have obviously never worked one-to-one with a client or run a class before so I am looking forward to picking up the best ways to teach. I’m also looking forward to meeting a whole new range of people. Overall, I think HFE are amazing and such a big help when trying to achieve your goals, I’m confident they’ll be able to help me get my dream career.

HFE’s Apprenticeship Manager Mark Mort also had this to say: Lauren has really grabbed this opportunity with both hands. She has impressed everybody with her work ethic and friendly, outgoing personality. Lauren has completed all her work in a timely fashion and has been willing to ask questions and use her support tutor to help gain her Level 2 qualification.

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