Initial Assessments

If you are a HFE student accessing a funded training course, you may be required to complete an initial literacy and numeracy assessment so that we can establish if you need any additional support in these areas  or not.

While these assessments have primarily been created for our funded students, if you are paying for your training and are concerned that you do not have the literacy or numeracy skills to successfully achieve your qualification, you may also uses these assessments to test your knowledge. Even if you score poorly on the tests, you may still be able to complete the qualifications with a little extra help from our support team. Please ensure that you share these assessment results with your personal tutor.

If you are a funded student and you have  a GCSE’s at grade C or above in English or Maths, you do not need to complete these assessments.

These assessments are not tests that you can fail, they are merely provided to help you decide if you need any additional support with your literacy or numeracy skills. To complete these assessments, please click on the boxes below and you will be re-directed to the respective assessment page.


HFE Numeracy Screener

The following numeracy screening tool can be used to identify if you may require any additional support with the numeracy aspects of our training programmes.

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HFE Literacy Screener

The following literacy screening tool can be used to assess if you are likely to require any additional literacy support/help during your training course.

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