HFE Literacy Screener

If you are looking to undertake one of HFE’s funded training courses or qualifications, you will be required to complete the following literacy assessment so that we can determine how strong you are with regard to reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The outcome of this assessment will not affect your eligibility for the qualification or prevent you from enrolling. We do however have a duty of care to all of our learners to ensure that they have sufficient skills to enable them to complete the proposed programme of learning.

If the following assessment demonstrates that your literacy skills are below the required standard, your personal tutor may signpost you to another organisation for additional training and support. This support is free of charge and may lead to additional qualifications. The training is not mandatory and you can opt out if you so wish.

If you already have an English GCSE (or equivalent) at grade C or above, you do not need to complete this assessment. Please advise your personal tutor upon enrolment and they will record these details on your individual learning plan (ILP).

Literacy skills are required by fitness professional for a variety of reasons. You may be required to write letters to G.P’s, physiotherapists, write training programmes for your clients and maintain official records within the health club environment. It is therefore essential that you have the necessary skills to enable you to perform these duties accurately and professionally.

Before starting this assessment, please ensure that you have access to a printer. Alternatively, if you are completing this assessment on an Ipad or other tablet devise, please perform a screen print of your results and email then to your tutor.

Good luck!

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