An HFE personal trainer trainer holding an iPad and talking to a student
An HFE personal trainer trainer holding an iPad and talking to a student

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Personal Training Career Guides and Articles

Master what it takes to succeed as a PT with our range of expert personal training articles and in-depth career guides.

Expert Personal Training Advice and Industry Insights

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to become a personal trainer but didn’t know where to start, we’ve created an extensive range of career guides and articles to answer all your questions. Personal training is an expansive, exciting and incredibly popular part of the wider health and fitness industry. Gross revenues PT alone exceed £650m a year, while there over 12,000 personal training jobs currently available nationwide. All this spells opportunity and the immense potential for a rewarding and impactful career.

If you’ve got a burning desire to help others achieve their exercise and fitness goals and you’re looking to take your personal training career to new and exciting levels, read on…

There are many facets to having a successful personal training career and our expertly written career guides and articles are specifically designed to answer your questions and elevate your knowledge. Ultimately, the more you know and the more you understand about personal training, the bigger the difference you can make.

For those who are brand new to PT, our definitive guide to becoming a personal trainer is the perfect place to start. It explores everything you need to know about this exciting industry and the various career opportunities available.

If you’re already set on a career in the fitness industry, then could browse our selection of industry-leading personal trainer courses and career packages. For complete flexibility, we offer blended learning and run courses at venues nationwide including Manchester, Glasgow, London, Cardiff and many more. We also offer online personal training courses for those looking to complete the qualification from the comfort of their own home.

It can be a lot for newcomers to take in, so our article about personal training qualifications teaches you about awarding bodies and courses, as well as what it actually takes to get qualified.

The employment and business aspects of personal training are also covered. If you’re qualified and looking for personal trainer jobs, we have a comprehensive breakdown of what’s out there. There’s also plenty of information about being employed or self-employed personal trainer, starting a personal trainer business and the all-important personal trainer insurance.

All our of personal trainer guides and articles feature extensive research industry and employer research carried out by HFE. There are also exclusive insights from some of the world’s best and most successful personal trainers from the likes of Matt Roberts, Ultimate Performance’s Nick Mitchell, celebrity personal trainer Scott Laidler and many more.

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