Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes

The Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes is a higher level exercise specialist course that is designed to equip exercise professionals with the necessary knowledge and understanding to safely and effectively prescribe exercise to obese and diabetic clients.

Building on the content of the Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification, this course includes a detailed insight in to all of the following subjects, and much more:

  • The prevalence of obesity and diabetes, both in the UK and worldwide
  • The cost of obesity, financially, socially, culturally and personally
  • The pathophysiology of obesity and diabetes
  • Models of obesity
  • Common surgical interventions used to manage obesity and diabetes, including their limitations
  • Neural and hormonal influences of obesity and diabetes, including set point theory
  • Diabetes and metabolic syndrome (syndrome X)
  • Factors affecting food and drink consumption, including financial, social, and political drivers
  • Theory of human behaviour,  including effective behavioural strategies to combat obesity and motivational interviewing
  • Effective weight management guidelines, strategies, monitoring techniques and support systems for obese and diabetic clients

The mock assessment below is provided as a FREE resource to help you prepare for your Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Course, regardless of whether you are completing this with HFE or another provider. If you have already achieved your qualification, you may also find this mock test useful as a revision tool to see how much you can remember.

Feel free to share this mock assessment with your colleagues to see how much they know. Enjoy and good luck!

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