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New Year – Same Old New Me

How to overcome the ‘New Year new me’ mindset to make lasting changes to your health, habits and behaviours. The...

9 Minute Read

Scaling New Heights: Leonie Gerken Schofield

Leonie Gerken Schofield is a world-class mogul skier with her sights set on the 2022 Winter Olympics. She currently resides...

5 Minute Read

Don’t Hold Your Breath? Respiratory Muscle Training Devices: Do They Work?

Breathing exercise can be defined as “an exercise intended to promote effective and healthy breathing and breathing control”. Breathing exercise...

9 Minute Read

Under Pressure (Part 2) Practical Recommendations for Blood Flow Restriction Training

When used appropriately, blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a safe, feasible, and effective tool, that can enhance muscle function...

8 Minute Read

Under Pressure (Part 1) – The Benefits and Risks of Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is broadly defined as “a training method partially restricting arterial inflow and venous outflow in...

7 Minute Read

How Smoking Affects Muscle Function and Body Composition?

To commemorate the 35th World No Smoking Day on 31/05/2021, we thought we would examine how smoking affects body composition...

10 Minute Read

Is a Low Energy Diet and Rapid Weight Loss the Best Path to Diabetes Remission?

Type 2 diabetes mellitus affects around 3.9 million people in the UK. Broadly speaking, type 2 diabetes is characterised by...

9 Minute Read

7 Reasons Avocado is the Perfect Health-Booster

We delve into the myriad of benefits that come from regularly consuming avocado...

5 Minute Read

How Yoga Helps Supplement Elite-Level Swimming – An Exclusive Interview with Louise Fiddes

Louise Fiddes discusses how she uses yoga to help her compete on the international swimming stage.

5 Minute Read

A Brief History of the Gym

From Ancient Greece to the Kingdom of Prussia, the birth of bodybuilding to the rise of national chains, we explore the history of the humble gym

15 Minute Read

Improving Sleep and Increasing Muscle Growth

Sleep is vitally important for our development, so we're exploring ways to get a better night's rest

7 Minute Read

Mindfulness and Meditation for Pain Relief

We explore how various mindfulness techniques can help those experiencing chronic pain

11 Minute Read

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