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Expert Insights: Aimee Victoria Long

With participation in online personal training, coaching services and virtual fitness classes continuing to increase year on year, now is...

4 Minute Read

Dr Michael Mosley: Lose Weight for Type 2 Diabetes Remission

Dr Michael Mosley is a science presenter, journalist and television producer, who has worked for the BBC for over 30...

26 Minute Read

Interviewing YouTube’s Girl With a Pilates Mat

Rachel Lawrence is a Pilates teacher – certified by BASI Pilates – and YouTuber, with close to 100,000 subscribers on...

12 Minute Read

How Yoga Helps Supplement Elite-Level Swimming – An Exclusive Interview with Louise Fiddes

Louise Fiddes discusses how she uses yoga to help her compete on the international swimming stage.

5 Minute Read

Creating the Netflix of Yoga

Movement for Modern Life founder Kat Farrants discusses creating the 'Netflix of Yoga'

9 Minute Read

Mental Health and the Power of Exercise

TV presenter and personal trainer Georgie Okell discusses the link between exercise and positive mental health

7 Minute Read

The Challenges of Teaching Modern Yoga

We talk to highly experienced yoga teacher and bestselling author Sally Parkes about her illustrious career

9 Minute Read

An Interview with David Kingsbury

We talk to leading PT to the film industry David Kingsbury who has trained Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and Hugh Jackman

13 Minute Read

A Conversation with Yogibanker

Scott Robinson AKA Yogibanker talks workplace wellness, leading by example and how he originally discovered yoga

15 Minute Read

An Interview with Professor Stuart McGill, The Back Mechanic

Delve into our interview with Professor McGill, a world-leading spine biomechanist and back pain expert

28 Minute Read

The Ironman Coach

We talk to the founder of Tri-Rivington UK and highly experienced triathlon and Ironman coach, Ray McGloin

18 Minute Read

Industry Influencers: Stuart Webster

We talk to Stuart Webster, General Manager of Performance Ground, which Men's Health has voted one of the best gyms in London

4 Minute Read

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