Ben Williams – Success Story

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Nutrition courses and qualifications
Nutrition courses and qualifications

What is your background with exercise and fitness training?

I have been training myself for over 17 years with the goals of building muscle and reducing body fat. I currently attend my local gym and thought it would be a good idea to progress my knowledge and gain a qualification in the fitness industry.

Why did you choose the course you did?

Having developed an interest in the area, becoming qualified was something which had been running through my mind for a number of years. I already had a good level of knowledge but I had no professional qualifications and I had decided that I wanted to take my passion and turn it into a career.

Why did you choose HFE to deliver your training?

Once I had decided to train to become a Personal Trainer, I researched various providers on the internet. I developed a shortlist and HFE were competitively priced so I was already leaning towards them. Then when I started speaking to the different providers, HFE really stood out. Rather than just being happy to take my money, the sales person that I spoke to told me that I might be able to get funding towards the course fees. He investigated it further and found that there was funding in my area and we went from there.
Being able to study the course at my own pace and the support that I received was another deciding factor, not to mention also getting to know people on my course.

What did you find most challenging about your course?

Condensing the course book down so that I could memorise the content ready for the theory exams.

How would you rate the quality of teaching provided by your course tutors?

Excellent. My tutor helped guide me through the course and was able to identify flaws in my own progress that I was able to correct in time for the exams.

To what extent did you feel supported during the home-study phase of your course?

I was supported from the start of the course until even after I had finished the course. We would arrange a 30-45 minute calls every 2-3 days and I always knew that I could call or email my tutor and receive the support that I needed.

How would you rate the teaching and learning materials provided to you?

Overall, they were quite good. The only fault that I could highlight was when I was doing an online assessment. If I got a question wrong, the on-screen instructions would reference the section rather than a particular page.

What is your current role?

I am currently in the process of enrolling onto the Level 3 Personal Trainer.

What are your future training and career plans?

To complete the Personal Trainer qualification and to become a Personal Trainer.

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