Yvonne Mullan – Success Story

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Nutrition courses and qualifications
Nutrition courses and qualifications

What is your background with exercise and fitness training?

In summer 2014 I qualified as a VTCT chair-based exercise instructor and since I have been delivering gentle exercise classes to older adults (55+) based in communities and residential homes.

Why did you choose the course you did?

In order to register with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) I knew I needed to obtain this qualification and I also wanted to progress my exercise routines to combine standing as well as seated exercises to cater for the mobility ranges with my clients.

Why did you choose HFE to deliver your training?

They were offering free funding to self-employed individuals who live in Birmingham.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

Meeting other course delegates and learning all about the anatomy and physiology of the body!

What did you find most challenging about your course?

The amount of information I needed to learn on the A&P module and being able to retain it! It had been over 20+ years since I studied at school so this was very challenging for me as I’d forgotten all my revision techniques!

How would you rate the quality of teaching provided by your course tutors?

Both course tutors were very experienced and good communicators. I found them to be very supportive and encouraging.

To what extent did you feel supported during the home-study phase of your course?

I received regular contact from my personal tutor on a weekly basis and she was always on hand to help me if I got stuck. She responded to my emails without delay and gave me really good encouragement at all times.

How would you rate the teaching and learning materials provided to you?

Excellent. The online modules were really helpful and I could work through these at my own pace at any time of day. I did manage to listen in to one of the webinars, but because they were always in the day time and in the week it wasn’t convenient as I worked Mon-Friday in an office.

What is your current role?

For the last 20 years I have worked in administration full time and in the last year for one day a week I am an exercise instructor for older adults and teach in community centres and residential homes.

What are your future training and career plans?

I would like to increase the amount of classes I run for older adults in my area. Now I have qualified with this course I can expand the sessions I run and vary the routines. At some point I may like to pursue a further qualification i.e Level 3 Exercise Referral and maybe go down the PSI route working with frailer clients in my client base.

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